Родные похоронили экс-участницу «Дома-2» Марию Политову How did you learn the “StarHit”, yesterday held a farewell to the deceased participant in the popular reality show. The ceremony was a few people, just family: mother, grandmother, sister… Also with Masha came to say goodbye best friends and her fiancé Tom.
Родные похоронили экс-участницу «Дома-2» Марию Политову

The event took place without prying eyes. The girl’s relatives for a long time refused to announce the date and place of the funeral and burial even to the closest friends of Mary. Mother, grandmother and sister Natalia Politov still don’t want to see and chat with anyone.

Novel Tretyakov, deceased Mache Natalia Politov: “She created the impression of a sensible girl”

“It was not suicide. She froze, an accident. So her funeral was held in the Church at the morgue, said the “StarHit” friend Mary, who is still present at the funeral, learning about them at the last moment. – Masha’s mother cried a lot, everything could not help it. During the farewell, the body was closed at the shoulders… God, this is hard!”

According to a friend who arrived to carry out Natalia Politov last journey had virtually no contact with each other. Moreover, some chose to leave without waiting for the procedure of burial. “There were few people: family and friends. Mom I just didn’t know. But once learned sister: they are very similar”.

We will remind, Maria Politova disappeared in early December. The girl left home and never returned. It is worth noting that for a long time she was taking antidepressants. Husband Artem said about the disappearance of the bride to the police, and later the quest connected public organization “Lisa Alert”.

The body of Natalia Politov found on 13 December in the summer cottage that belongs to her family in the village Zagoryansky Schelkovo district, Moscow region. Next to the body of the girl lying pack of potent pills and a half empty bottle of rum.

According to Mary’s friends and relatives for a long time not contacted and refused to help in the organization of the funeral of the girl.

“Masha had a difficult relationship with her mother and grandmother – said “StarHit” friend of Natalia Politov, the father will not.” According to friends of the former heroine’s reality, Mary didn’t want to die – maybe only planned to scare and attract attention.

Friends of the deceased participant “House-2”: “Mary did not want to die – only to scare planned”