Relatives Alexander, dedushka deprived his daughter of an inheritance

Родственники Александра Дедюшко лишили его дочь наследства About ten years ago, the actor along with his wife and son died in a terrible accident near Vladimir. His car crossed two solid lanes and collided with a truck. Dedushka left a daughter from his first marriage. First wife Lyudmila has told, how events developed after the death of Alexander.
Родственники Александра Дедюшко лишили его дочь наследства

Alexander dedjushko became famous after starring in the cult movies “Alias Albanian”, “Officers”, “Team”. An artist’s life was cut short at the age of 45 years. Movie star, his wife Svetlana and 8-year-old son Dima has died in a car crash.

Alexander lived with his first wife Lyudmila Tomilina 22 years. They met while studying at drama school. In this Union the couple had a daughter Ksenia. However, after a while, dedushka fell in love with the actress of the theater Vladimir Svetlana Chernyshkova, she was younger than men for 14 years. However, with ex-wife and daughter Alexander has maintained friendly relations.

“We talked families. Maybe someone will seem strange that an ex-wife and current wife are communicating, but we had so. When Sasha said that he had another, I let him go… Yes I had hard times, cried, but we have enough sense not to do a hostage daughter in our divorce. After breaking up we remained each other close, native people! We do everything was fine until 3 November 2007. After the death of Sasha suddenly out of nowhere appeared the parents of the Lights, which previously were not seen. They moved to his house at Lipetsk, and sister Amy stayed in the apartment of Sasha in Moscow. Rather, he was the owner of two rooms in an apartment, next door to him lived a 92-year-old grandmother. The second room he bought shortly before his death. We didn’t want any enmity with the relatives of the Lights. And my daughter, and Sasha’s mother Elena renounced all rights of inheritance” – said Lyudmila.
Родственники Александра Дедюшко лишили его дочь наследства

According to the woman, the only thing they asked to return is the Alexander award for best male role in the serial “the Operative pseudonym”. Relatives of the deceased Svetlana demanded with ex-wife the money for this prize. Other spouse Ludmila brought the required amount, but never received what was promised. He said that the award was lost.

“And what was my surprise when, five years after the tragedy in the program “live”, showed the award. I never thought that people can be so vile to do that! When tragedy struck with Sasha, we agreed that until 40 days will not disassemble his stuff. When we then came to the apartment, everything was empty,” said Lyudmila.

First Alexander’s wife told reporters that his mother Elena died this summer after. According to the newspaper “Sobesednik”, the woman has long lived with her niece, dedushka Tatiana in a small Belarusian town of Volkovysk, where I came from Alexander himself. The mother of movie stars were a long time sick after the death of a famous son.