Отношениям Леди Гаги и Тэйлора Кинни мешает гордость

Less than a month ago the star of the American show business Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney. Singer and actor broke their engagement, supposedly because of a career – tight work schedules, which became the gravestones of many novels by celebrities, and overtook these artists. However, Gaga mentioned that this is not a final decision, and that they are just for a while leave.

Отношениям Леди Гаги и Тэйлора Кинни мешает гордость
Media have reported, citing sources close to Taylor that he dreams of returning his ladylove, and now this comes from friends of the singer. They told h that if not arrogance and pride, Gaga, Taylor was already back together.

“It’s still very sad because of her breakup with Taylor and is thinking how to get him back. She doesn’t want to take the first step out of pride – it seems that it is not so much wants to return it because does not involve any serious steps. If he made a wide gesture, it would speed up their romance” — according to the insiders.
Another source says that the relations of Lady Gaga with Taylor was also influenced by the fact that she played brilliantly in “American horror story” (and soon returns to the set). Kinney allegedly jealous of her success in the film industry, because he stalled in the TV series “Chicago fire” and still can not grow as an artist full-length movie. We want to believe that this couple will be lucky in career and love.

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