Relationship, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik — is?

Отношения Джиджи Хадид и Зейна Малика — реклама?

Breaks in the relationship of the stars is the norm in Hollywood. 23-year-old Gigi Hadid and 25-year-old Zayn Malik is no exception and in March of this year she broke up after three years of strong relations. A month later, the pair once again begins to meet. If a glad, the other part of the public began to doubt their sincerity.

Отношения Джиджи Хадид и Зейна Малика — реклама?

One of the first to raise this subject on the Internet private instagram account @exposingfakeeasszigiii which says: “Subscribe to us to know the truth about the relationship Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid”. In profile there was a post with a photo of the pair, which the authors noted the insincerity relations Hadid and Malik. Under the photo is written that everything that makes steam is advertising.

Such posts clearly tired of a model, and she decided to leave a photo comment. She advised such people to live, not to discuss other people’s relationships. “It seems that you guys every day write about me… Please stop. It’s frustrating. I don’t have any negativity in your direction. We are surrounded by such a beautiful world, but instead to enjoy it, you delve in the relationship of two people who don’t even know. You don’t see 99% of what’s happening… And I don’t need to follow me in Instagram, it is enough that his chest painted my eyes (Zayn Malik made a tattoo in honor of Gigi — approx. ed.). The energy that you put in all, will not do you good”.

“You can call it advertising, but I just publish posts about your boyfriend, like everyone else, wrote Gigi, This is my last comment on this issue, but I hope you know that this is not from bad intentions, I just wish you found something that inspires you in life,” says Hadid.

Recall that the stars reunited, but to put a label on yourself is not going to. All kisses and cuddles, Zane believes that the model they are just good friends. About Malik told in the new issue of GQ magazine, which took the artist for the cover.

“We are adults. We don’t need to put on relationships some label to do something because people expect it from us… We are still good friends and continue to communicate,” said Malik.

Gigi for Zane was a real ray of light that brought into his life a lot of positives. If before they met Malik too much shuffled around and saw one negative, Gigi changed all that. “She helped me see many things positive,” added the British actor in an interview.

Gigi is very important to Malik and takes a lot of space in his life, so about the ending of a romantic relationship couples say no. “She’s still not engaged in my finances. We’ll get there in the end,” joked Zane.

Official confirmation of the resumption of the novel was the photo in instagram storis, which shows Gigi, in the arms of Zane after party for CDFA. Earlier, the paparazzi captured the musician near the new York apartment Gigi. “I loved her, I think, is obvious. And Yes, I was going to love her forever, as we are all thinking about their loved ones. But things change, and life goes on. Times change, but Yes, that’s what I was thinking when I wrote that song”, says Zane in a recent interview on “On Air With Ryan Seacrest”.