Relationship difficulties: Chloe Moretz told about the affair with Brooklyn Beckham

Трудности отношений: Хлоя Морец рассказала о романе с Бруклином Бекхэмом

19-year-old Chloe Moretz spoke about the difficult romance with 17-year-old son of David and Victoria Beckham.

Chloe Moretz (Chloe Moretz) and Brooklyn Beckham (Brooklyn Beckham) resumed the affair after a long break. Their relationship is neither stable: the actress and the son of David (David Beckham) and Victoria Beckham (Victoria Beckham) had broken up and got back together again several times. At the end of April 2016 Moretz flew for a few days in London and on arrival was posted to instagram with the intriguing caption: “Just a mermaid… Sent to London… to find your Prince”. Some time later, in the account Brooklyn Beckham appeared combines romantic photo with Chloe: so the young couple announced the reunion.

Трудности отношений: Хлоя Морец рассказала о романе с Бруклином Бекхэмом

In an interview with British InStyle magazine Chloe Moretz said that she’s nervous not just because of the volatility of relations with Beckham Jr. She explained that she is tired of the scrutiny on his personal life from the press and fans that follow her around:

“You already know what I look like in a swimsuit, how I look in bed scene. You even know, as I say, “I love you”. You’ve already seen it all. And it created a mass frenzy: fans and journalists begin to follow you to different machines, and you just can’t afford to go out and have fun the way I want”.

The actress also explained his rejection of the proposal to become part of the “team” Taylor swift (Taylor Swift): “no One puts themselves in the place of a girl who has never been to an all-girls environment. But this is about me. I didn’t go to school, I was surrounded by only brothers. I’ve always been a Tomboy.

Chloe also touched upon the issue of the conflict with Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian), when the actress criticized Kim’s naked photos: “I was never afraid to voice and Express their opinion. However, I do not leave scathing comments, and so it was with Kim. Many people then told me that I’m wrong, and I said to them: “You can be disagree with me, and it’s great. If you want to discuss it””.

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