Регине Тодоренко срочно потребовался врач в Мексике

Host of the show “heads and tails” poisoned hamburger.

Recently Regina todorenko, together with colleagues in the program “heads and tails” returned from a trip around the world. During this time, the leading show has accumulated a lot of stories and photos of the trip, just not always been able to upload them immediately, but better late than never. So now every day Regina in his blog tells an interesting story that happened to her during the trip, by the way, not all of them positive.

In Bangladesh Todorenko robbed, in Asia, it lay under a dropper, and filming in Mexico was terribly poisoned. And if you think she ate some of the worm-like sometimes, no. Regina poisoned hamburger!

“How bad I was after that Burger. I’m still 5 days away… For those who don’t know, I had to eat about 3 kg of burgers for 12 minutes to get $1000. Of course I agreed to this adventure. Calculating the forces, my mouth attacked the Burger, which was 30 of jalapeno peppers, and Habanera peppers 30.

The whole evening was accompanied by nausea, and then all night. In the morning I had to get up and move on. Pardon the immodesty, but I feel like a grenade just had to run to the toilet and to rip the check. While we were filming in the world’s largest genealogy community and near the restroom I was expecting his representatives in expensive black suits and polished black shoes. When the bathroom door opened, they quietly began to chuckle and carefully to shake my hand, Pat on the back, but it did not help to get rid of the explosion inside.

I will say one thing: hot inlet, hot outlet (who eat spicy, will understand me at once).

And the end is not yet. A few more days I suffered from pain in the stomach, we flew to Mexico, where I really came down… I had to call doctors. About translation difficulties will not tell, because the Mexicans, and all Latinos only speak Spanish, and my Spanish is still not perfect… the Only thing I understand: “you Have an infection, a high fever, an enema wouldn’t hurt, but everything can be fixed with medication”. PS: do not experiment with your stomachs or just run to the washing”.

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