Regina todorenko talk about the journeys that change lives

Регина Тодоренко расскажет о путешествиях, которые меняют жизнь

Want to see the first female Teleputeshestviya committed to continuous circumnavigation? To hear firsthand about great journeys and the trials left a lasting impression and changed the preconceived ideas about life? Then this news is specially for you!

Regina todorenko has captured the hearts of both fans traveling and those who like to get new emotions from the comfort of your sofa, thanks to the popular show “heads and tails”. Fans of the presenter know that she’s not only desperate traveler, but also a talented singer, who produces music videos and is involved in many musical projects (for example, “Voice”, 4th season) and even in films.

Why are we so capture the stories and TV shows about travel? The journey is always a huge rush of inspiration and fresh energy. This new emotions and new experiences that stay with us for a long time. In unusual circumstances, we are open-minded, and any information is acquired faster. A great reason to use travel as an opportunity to become better, to learn new skills, immerse yourself in creativity, to learn languages, to set goals, to do business, to start a healthy lifestyle or to change their style.

Be inspired by the theme of travel, to get acquainted with her and listen to trivial personal stories of his travels, familiarity with the cultural characteristics and social intricacies of different countries, life hacks survival in a foreign country are done behind the scenes, 18 Oct – in the conceptual space iQOS, with the new project of the magazine Marie Claire.

Will join the discussion Anna Levin, the founder of the school of business and leisure travel Let’s Travel! School, which will be a guide in the world of lucid adventures and tell you how to fill your adventure sense.

To join the inspiring conversation you can absolutely free. You only need to register on the website MarieС An added bonus will be the opportunity to win a great bag for your future travels!

When: October 18, 2016.

Where: in the space of iQOS in the SEC AFIMALL.

Pre-registration is required!