Регина Тодоренко неожиданно заговорила о предательстве The girl posted a photo with a pet. She admitted she greatly misses her dog and feels guilty for not being able to care for her and always be near. A touching revelation of a celebrity found a broad response among her fans.

      Regina todorenko published a picture, which provoked a strong reaction among subscribers. The star of “the eagle and tails” shared the scenes with your beloved pet with Mozart. According to the presenter, her difficult breakup with the dog, because it is already four years living with their parents Todorenko. Regina did not hide how warm it feels to Mozart. Subscribers were pleasantly surprised that celebrity so much attached to the animal.

      The comment that leading placed under the photo, not left indifferent anybody from among the followers of the traveler. She said that every encounter with Mozart turns into torture because at the time she was forced to give pet parents. Due to time constraints and the constant trips around the world from Regina there is no other way but to arrange a rare meeting with a friend in Odessa.

      For the fourth year, my dog lives with my parents. I feel like a traitor. Miss him very much. When you come to Odessa, Mozart immediately jumps in my suitcase and sad eyes looking at me, and I don’t even know what to answer him,” admitted Todorenko in the social network.

      Sharing his thoughts, the host asked the subscribers of his microblog, whether they have Pets. Commentators started to talk about their own Pets. Someone began to describe the most interesting situation with them, and some remembered what animals they had in childhood.

      Many followers supported Regina and expressed sympathy with the fact that she can’t be around Mozart. The most part of Internet users think that as soon as the owner is tied to the pet, it is difficult to part with him. Followers openly told what they need to survive the loss of favorite animals. For some it was a real tragedy, so they recommended Regina to see each other as often as possible, or later may be too late.

      “I know what you mean. Parting with Pets is always difficult”, “what a pity you can’t see. I have a dog, but I live in China, and her parents in Russia. Can’t, unfortunately, carry” “I would also like to get a dog, but my husband is allergic to animals. Even cat parents can’t take”, “Pets – this is happiness. I have a cat and a dog is, even a parrot. Trying for a long time with them not to be separated,” – shared their stories subscribers in Instagram.

      Regina todorenko wrote several times that does not Harbor warm feelings for the cats but has a special fondness for dogs. “I don’t like cats! Prefer dogs! And indeed wildly miss my York Mozart!” – spoken presenter in one of the posts in Instagram.