Regina todorenko spoke about the difficult separation from loved ones

Регина Тодоренко заговорила о тяжелом расставании с любимым For a long time the leading “eagle and tails” couldn’t even look at couples. A trip around the world, in which the star of the show went on for eight months, deprived her of the opportunity to see a young man. The beloved girl only twice visited her. According to Regina Todorenko, it has become a serious challenge for them.

      That heart Regina Todorenko unfree, her fans learned only recently – in early October, the host of “heads and tails” published in his microblog joint photo with the chosen one. The beloved screen star named Nikita trakin, he is the author and producer of the international festival of stand-up Comedy “Indie Comedians 2016”. Apparently, Regina Todorenko sure beloved man, and that these relations are seriously and permanently. According to the girl, otherwise she wouldn’t tempt fate, agreeing on a working trip around the world. It is this stage in his career Todorenko has become a serious test for her and tracina.

      Eight long months, Regina was not able to be near the beloved. The young man visited her only twice, and, apparently, these visits she will remember for a lifetime. According to the leading program “heads and tails”, separation was given to them with boyfriend very hard.

      “Colossal lack of attention, love, tenderness, but just basic human arms! – frankly said Regina. – Go to Montevideo and around you couple, kiss and all. You just hate them. Here, I think the devils kiss, huh?! I so want to kiss, you could taste the lips of his men on his lips! Your imagination draws pictures one other interesting”.

      In almost every country where happened to be Todorenko during this voyage, she felt an incredible longing for the beloved and a desire to be near him. Observing the behavior of the inhabitants of a state, it was hard to realize that she cannot share those moments with her boyfriend.

      “It was difficult to see people dancing flamenco in Spain – it is pure passion that infects everyone around. It was hard in Latin America, because that’s where locals do not hide their emotions, they are incredibly temperamental, and every passer-by is considered the norm to approach the woman, to kiss her, like in a beautiful movie. These things hard to watch when you’re alone,” explained Regina todorenko in an interview with “Telenedelya”.