Regina todorenko showed the wedding dress and revealed her secret

Регина Тодоренко показала свадебное платье и раскрыла свою тайну
27-year-old Presenter dressed in the attire of the bride.

Regina Todorenko

Photo: @Instagram reginatodorenko Regina Todorenko

Regina todorenko, despite the publicity, keeps her personal life secret. Recently, the actress appeared before the fans in the bride’s image, prompting rumors about the forthcoming wedding. Regina example elegant wedding dress and delicate tiara. Jewelry, by the way, brought Todorenko to reflect on the meaning of its name.

Host of the show “heads or tails” revealed to fans the secret that she has kept since childhood. It turns out that only when Regina was born, the parents wanted to name her Gabriela. Another name insisted brother of the future TV stars, for which she is inordinately grateful to him to this day.

“People often ask me the name of Regina — an alias or real name…. Yes, called me brother, for which I am grateful, as there was a possibility that I will be Gabriela p. (grandpa really wanted Gabi). Regina in Latin means “Queen, Queen,” said Regina.

By the way, the frame published by the leading show “heads or tails” online, was actually taken during a promotional photo shoot for a wedding magazine. So to congratulate Todorenko with the imminent marriage is still early.