Регина Тодоренко отметила день рождения в кругосветке
Host of the show “eagle&Tails” on the channel “Friday” released a new clip.

Regina Todorenko

Photo: Press office of the Regina Todorenko

On her 26th birthday leading “eagle&Tails” Regina todorenko has made a great gift. She presented her new video for the song “Liverpool”. Despite the fact that the shooting show channel “Friday!” takes almost all of her time, but she finds the opportunity to engage in musical creativity.

The singer, incidentally, also acted as a Director
video. The shooting took place right during the world tour, in which Regina is a few months, namely in Antelope Canyon, located on the South-Western United States.

“Work on the video for the song
“Liverpool” was quite difficult. You know, when hard? When
no big team. When there is only you, the operator and the camera. When you
himself makeup artist, himself a Barber and Director himself — admitted
Regina. So I am very responsible attitude to the filming process:
independently watched each location, found out when it starts
sunset, when the dawn begins at each individual location, followed
the arrival there, in a predetermined time to remove that light
which was needed. Late for a couple of minutes, we lost the whole day!”

By the way, the song “Liverpool” will be included in the first English-language album, which she will present in less than a month.

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