Regina todorenko not a little frightened mother

Регина Тодоренко не на шутку испугала мать
The anchor tried an unusual way.

Photo: Instagram

Regina todorenko — the girl desperate and ready for any experiments. However, other people in the “eagle and Tails” do not take. And Regina stayed in the show a few seasons in a row. Fans can’t imagine the project without Todorenko, I hope that someday she will take part in the show “heads and Tails-2050. Pension”.

A recent shoot for Glamour magazine presenter invited to try an unusual way — brunettes with short hair. And if dark hair she already had — she came to sing in the Ukrainian show “star Factory”, with short hair to represent Regina was difficult.

Todorenko not confused and straight from the set my mother sent a photo of yourself in a new way.

“My mom almost fainted!” laughing, says star.

Then, when it became clear that it’s a wig, Irina Todorenko did not swear. She was used to the antics of his daughter. And after a season of “heads and Tails. Heaven and Hell” in which the young girl willingly went not in the most favorable of the country, mother was not afraid of anything.