Regina todorenko moved to America

Регина Тодоренко переехала в Америку
Ex-leading “heads and Tails” will be in the States for a few months.

Regina Todorenko

Photo: from personal archive of Regina Todorenko

Didn’t reach Regina todorenko to home (TV presenter was born and raised in Odessa. — Approx. Almost immediately after a series of important events in Moscow, associated with the receipt of prestigious awards and the end of the work in the project “heads and Tails”, the girl headed for Los Angeles.

Here Regina will learn from the producer, or rather, her specialty is called “filmmaking”. Which, of course, doesn’t mean that Todorenko will work exclusively behind the scenes. Acting too interested in her, but the creation of projects to a greater extent. But in the movie Todorenko already invited, however, in Ukrainian and not yet approved for the role, but now she at least has time to shoot.

In the new year on the TV will also come a new show Regina. The pilot episode already filmed, but the star holds the secret to what channel it passes. She is not only leading, but also the creative producer. Regina said only that the program will be youth and development, in particular there will be interviews with famous people.

We will remind, Regina todorenko became famous when it became the leading “eagle and Tails” in 2013. Since then, she was all the seasons of the show, except for some of the project “Reset”. Most importantly, Todorenko has become the only leading “eagle and Tails”, which from the beginning to the end participated in a world tour.

For all the time Regina visited more than 100 countries. She got into a bad situation hundreds of times and put her life in danger. In parallel Todorenko and engaged in the music. Initially, the girl was famous in Ukraine as a participant of popular show “star Factory”, and then several years sang in “girly” group. In Russia, Regina managed to take part in the show “the Voice” on channel one. Then Todorenko came to the team Polina Gagarina, performing “blind auditions” the song “the Night” and Tina Karol.