Regina todorenko left the “eagle and Tails”

Регина Тодоренко ушла из «Орла и Решки» The presenter will not take part in the filming of the new series. As reported on TV, Regina’ve been thinking about how to leave the show. According to close stars in recent seasons have been really hard for girls.
Регина Тодоренко ушла из «Орла и Решки»

Last week ended with the shooting of the fifteenth season of the program “heads and Tails. Heaven and hell”. For 27-year-old Todorenko, which has been a constant leading of the project, these editions will be the last.

“She is already made the decision to leave the show – said, “StarHit” employees of TV channel “Friday!”. Regina hardworking, intelligent. During the work it was able to grow from unknown Odessa girls are the absolute star. We’re sorry to let her go, but what to do.”

Регина Тодоренко ушла из «Орла и Решки»

Regina hit the “eagle and Tails” in 2014, when we started shooting the eighth season of “On the edge of the world”, traveled more than a hundred countries of the world. In December 2015, the girl went round the world trip from which he returned only in July next year. It was the most difficult period in her career – Todorenko eight months spent in separation from their families. Mom and her young man Nikita several times came to her in a different country to be together. The film crew of the program, bored relatives, even introduced a moment of love, when the whole team embraces and energizes each other’s energy.

Regina todorenko is on the brink of dismissal from the show “heads and tails”

“She has a monstrous schedule – she had forgotten what normal sleep – shared with “StarHit” surrounded by the leading. You can’t say that the project is tired, she just grew out of it. Now a little rest and will continue his career – sure, suggestions would be much.”