Regina todorenko learned about his dismissal from the press

Регина Тодоренко узнала о своем увольнении из прессы
The presenter confused viewers.

Regina Todorenko

Photo: @Instagram reginatodorenko Regina Todorenko

Yesterday in the Network spread information about the fact that Regina Todorenko leaves the TV show “heads or tails”. Sources who published this news, citing representatives of the TV channel “Friday!”. However, Regina has hinted that information about the fact that she is leaving the show just a rumor, but it does not give them official denials.

Regina gave a vague comment about his dismissal, which, apparently, learned from the Network. “While the Internet rapidly discussed my alleged departure from the “heads and tails”, we continue to travel and discover new cities and countries you’re able to see on the TV channels “inter” and “Friday!”. 38 days on the road! The journey continues!” — posted by Todorenko on the official page in social networks.

Meanwhile, it was alleged that Regina is having a hard time in life. Regina seriously suffered frequent separations from his family. Every new journey has required severe pain before him. It all started with the world tour, which visited Regina in 2016. Then Todorenko eight months have not had the opportunity to be close to family. Of course, she was in touch with loved ones, but the inability to hug my mother or girlfriends knocked Regina off. During his career leading the program on travel Todorenko visited more than 100 countries. Often, to get to the destination, the host and crew had to overcome the most difficult routes. For example, recently Regina, changing four of the aircraft were traveling for 28 hours!

At the same time, Todorenko hinted to fans that ready for serious changes in life, than completely confused fans. “Have you ever thought about the fact that I take someone else’s place? But someone, surely the soul would be sold to be where you are now; someone would’ve given everything to the beloved! — said Regina. And you probably love your job and know what you are doing it well, but without the former enthusiasm, no spark in the eyes, and both want to squeeze the maximum, push the pedal to the floor… And your thoughts are quite far, they are eager for new pedals, a new industry to move in the other direction, faster, and more risks , and that the stakes are higher!”