Regina todorenko is on the brink of dismissal from the show “heads and tails”

Регина Тодоренко оказалась на грани увольнения из шоу «Орел и решка» The presenter said during a meeting with fans. Regina said that the shooting of the project they are given a limited amount of money, as well as Lodge rooms. In turn, the viewer sees a completely different scene.

      About a month ago, Regina todorenko arrived in Novosibirsk, where he spoke with fans as part of a fashion event in a major shopping center. As stated by the host of the show “heads and Tails”, much of what viewers see on television is not true. For example, the famous “Golden card” does not cover all the expenses of a team member. According to Regina, hotels they get by barter, and staying in suites may not be considered. According to the girl, relax in the Jacuzzi and pools, they also can not, because operators need to accelerate the process.

      The producer of the program “heads and tails” Natella Krapivina, learning about the words of Regina, said that after such statements about the internal rules of the program are waiting for approval from the creators of the project.

      “Regina is waiting or a fine, or dismissal for unfounded allegations. It is unclear how she could afford such statements. Todorenko misled their fans and viewers of the show. Of course, she knows about the measures that we consider as punishment for a misdemeanor. Regina said very regret their words,” said Natella told “StarHit”.

      Representatives of Regina has not yet commented on the situation. Collective discussion of the creators of the show decide the future of Todorenko, the post of the leading “heads and Tails”.

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      Earlier, the star of travel show told the “StarHit” that loves his job. According to Regina, all team members support each other in difficult situations and become closer than relatives.”We live under the camera, it’s a reality show. Les and I try to show the best locations that the spectator was interested. We have a producer, Lena, who we are as a mommy. When I was in the world, it solves a lot of questions: how to feed us, that Pat, as psychological support. We all discussed and tried to be honest with each other”, – said Todorenko.