Regina todorenko hinted at the imminent marriage

Регина Тодоренко намекнула на скорое замужество TV presenter shared with fans the good news: she made an offer hands and hearts. The girl claims that she was summoned to the altar by three men, all in one day. Star boasted several wedding rings.

Regina todorenko doesn’t like to talk about his personal life, preferring to share with the fans details of everyday work. Recently, however, the girl in the usual joking manner, announced the imminent marriage. She did not hide a beautiful engagement ring which she allegedly gave choices.

“I made an offer hands and hearts. Three different men on the same day. I replied “Yes”. It’s too bad that all this fun” – said TV presenter.

Fans Todorenko appreciated the joke, but there were those who began to wish the star a happy family life. Many fans are wondering why such an attractive and cheerful girl like you still single. Regina herself is in no hurry to marry: she argues that the focus on career development, therefore, a serious relationship just no time.

However, fans of the presenter will still be able soon to assess its wedding image. The fact that she appears in a white dress in the play “Lay wife to the pawnshop”, where she got the role of the bride. Todorenko first participation in a major theatrical performance, therefore, was devoted to preparations for the premiere few months.

The presenter repeatedly attributed novels with colleagues, friends and even fans. Regina, however, consistently ignores this information, trying to treat with humor to the recurring rumors. Now Todorenko plays in the theatre, building a music career and advertises a well-known brand of cosmetics. Fans are jealous of the hard work the stars, secretly hoping that she will return to small screens in the new season of “heads and tails”.

Yet Regina has not commented on further participation in travel shows. We will remind, recently the girl was at the epicenter of the scandal connected with the program. Todorenko said that the notorious gold card does not cover all the expenses of the crew, and elegant rooms at the hotel have the conditions of barter. The statements angered the leading producers of transmission, which threatened to star in a major penalty and a dismissal.

Regina todorenko is on the brink of dismissal from the show “heads and tails”

Now the fans in Regina believe that she was able not only to resolve the conflict with the authorities, but also to find personal happiness. The girl refuses to comment on the presence or absence of love in their lives.