Регина Тодоренко собирается расстаться с любимым?

Regina is so fast already decided to put the finish line in a family relationship? Many of its admirers did not understand how to manage this fun and cheerful personality to combine all the niches in my life: after all, Regina todorenko – is a well-known and popular singer, she brought to life a new round of his life – became quite popular leading, as well as producing his projects on television and on the Internet. And most importantly, she became a mother and wife. How she manages it all harmoniously combined that no sphere of life does not suffer and do not fall out of her field of view?
However, it was in her life not always?! Those who know better that desperate girl I know and understand that to reach such a success had not a time to challenge fate, to gain unimaginable courage, and, in case of defeat, again and again to get up and walk towards success, throwing everything and starting from the beginning!

Регина Тодоренко собирается расстаться с любимым?
After participating in one of the famous TV show, as well as selection into the group and after participating in the group “Real O” restless girl went in the footsteps of many artists, did not build his own solo career as a solo artist. Instead, it is a standard and prosaic decisions she chooses another. Regina accepts the invitation to become the leading and become the chief of a massive project about travel. It is a well-known travel show “heads or Tails”. At first glance the perfect job you could ever dream of soon became exhausting flights, long travel, multiple shooting days – all of it dragged on for four years! And host of the travel show “heads and tails” decided to take a break, or rather do a full reboot of his life. This time she chose a non-trivial way to escape from monotonous heavy days – it was all amazing! Regina suddenly decided to screw the romance…

Регина Тодоренко собирается расстаться с любимым?
Her eyes fell on Vlad Topalov, it all happened in the moment when they together went to play in one of the performances of one of the theatres. Her theatrical partner was her husband-to-be – Vlad. And by the way, the script they also eventually end up getting married! Although, initially, Regina todorenko was very not happy with my future second half! Rather, even a negative opinion formed of him!
“What he is a nasty guy, arrogant and self-assured style!”, — recalls the artist.
She could not at that moment even assume that to be so enthusiastic about all his work: poems and songs, and even a cute text messages to your phone! The relationship they have arrested more than rapidly. First pregnancy, offer hands and hearts, and after the wedding in Italy. And now, when she thinks about all this she said to her husband: “Vlad, I want to divorce you again to arrange such an event in our lives like the birth of a new family!”.

Although the couple was the moment that the wedding could not take place! The couple had a big fight and saved their relationship Vlad’s sister, explaining the situation from the female side and to understand and release all adversity. At that time, Regina had given birth to son Michael.

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