Regina todorenko for the first time about leaving the “eagle and Tails” and the affair with Vlad Topalov

Регина Тодоренко впервые об уходе из «Орла и Решки» и романе с Владом Топаловым The presenter told us about life after participating in the popular show. Now Regina todorenko studying in Los Angeles and planning to start my own project. The star also plays in the theater. It is the part in a production of Sergei Growth helped her meet a new love in the person of a famous singer.
Регина Тодоренко впервые об уходе из «Орла и Решки» и романе с Владом Топаловым

In late November, the most inveterate traveler has officially announced his departure from the popular travel show, where he worked for four years. Such a period is a lifetime, and your soul should be just a little sad. Imagine my surprise when the door of the restaurant where we agreed to meet, there was inspired by Regina. Her eyes were glistening. “That’s crazy, haven’t seen you so elated! What happened?” – I asked. “Let’s just make the order and then find out!” with a sly grin answered the heroine.

The moment of truth

“You see, many people think my career dream – romp through the world at the expense of others, watching the strange places and comment on what is happening. But everything has a limit. According to scientists, to change the scope of activities necessary every four years. Travel, of course, well, but the format of these trips I was already uncomfortable. This happens with each: to Wake up early in the morning, overcome traffic, ten o’clock to plow the office becomes a burden, need to reboot. And it’s my time, it’s the beach, reformat your disk, to upgrade the knowledge.

To be honest, the desire to come off appeared in front of the world. Spoken with the producer of the show Elena Sinelnikova that they need to get somebody new, fresh mind. During the work had a lot to see, to try, to experience. I got fed up, what emotions in the frame are not the same. Don’t want to be bland and boring to the viewer. But Lena believed in my strength. Plus to give consent for the trip spurred the opportunity to get into the Guinness Book of records in Ukraine as the first woman Teleputeshestviya committed to continuous circumnavigation. In the end, the adventures of a length in the first nine months were great!

Upon return, parents and friends began to say that I have lost the spark. And they were right on all hundred. We Lesya Nikityuk was completely exhausted and as individuals, and as authors. Squeezed to the maximum to such an extent that nothing could do. As a result, woke up a terrible habit of laziness and apathy.
Регина Тодоренко впервые об уходе из «Орла и Решки» и романе с Владом Топаловым

I am a positive person, but then turned into just a big lump of evil. Stopped loving people, became antisocial. And had to communicate, because it is my direct responsibility. Painful experienced it. It began a protracted depression. Actually the “roof” has gone, even the hair is dyed in red color. Strangely, she did not shave her head. Returning one night home, I realized: I was not happy with this condition. Packed up and headed to Bali to recuperate, to put brains into place. And went to complete strangers. But after the rest, found faithful companions.

The level of understanding

Despite the long separation, my young man reacted to the new adventure in peace. I explained to Nikita urgent need to go to the retreat (a spiritual practice in solitude, away from society. – Approx. “StarHit”). Been weighing on me all – the city, the people, the movement. To save could only jungle where I would have climbed on the trees. In a previous life I was a Tarzan in the skirt. Fueled by wild energy incredibly and immediately come back to normal.

At the end of last summer, we with Nikita broke up. Did it by mutual consent. One fine evening, sat down in the kitchen and talked. Came to the conclusion that it is time to stop each other, because the relationship did not bring the joy of chemistry is no more. When two people love, one is with a sinking heart wait a second to rush to it that is urine. In our situation I didn’t want to run, and he to languish. We’re still friends.
Регина Тодоренко впервые об уходе из «Орла и Решки» и романе с Владом Топаловым

I’m much grateful, after so much time together. Now we can’t tell anybody – neither my parents, nor from shared buddies. Wonder how you can maintain contact, if you have just fled? My dad is openly talking about it. Explain: “what’s wrong? We have five fun-filled years.” In General, our romance grew out of friendship, I gave him a sofa in a Studio apartment where she lived. Then for some reason messed up – framed guy, and he succumbed due to the inexperience.

Recently thought on the subject, did he marry me… I Realized that for five years and not wait for offers of marriage from Nikita. But others have tried. For example, in the first days of the voyage, when we were shooting in Florence, the gallery was approached by an unknown man, showered with compliments and asked me to marry him. Or my friend in Bali… been Friends for years, and suddenly gets on one knee and… Well, then you understand. Digging in myself, found the reasons for this situation. I subconsciously gave Nikita a reprieve, because I was not ready for marriage. If you would have devoted herself to family life, it would have neglected the career sought to build. And self-realization. It is these motives are understood. However, once admitted that several times I wanted to stretch the ring.

A sharp turn

Регина Тодоренко впервые об уходе из «Орла и Решки» и романе с Владом Топаловым

If before I had no desire to get married, but now everything is different. Madly want your warm, cozy nest where greeted with hugs and a delicious soup. The moment of acceptance of yourself said to be realized personality. It’s time to tackle another area of life – to make a difference in this world: to share and teach knowledge to become a mother of a little man who will one day give life. To go to adventures with a beloved man, in the end, on their own initiative, not by the decree of the producers. To get new emotions, feelings, impressions, create their own stories with her future husband and not with the operator or Director. However, when they start to travel independently, perhaps, the first time will be uncomfortable without a camera. This prospect is a little confusing. Have not yet figured out how to live with it.

I would venture to guess that I’m in love? Yes, the ears! Thought after a breakup is to relax from love Affairs, will finalize in the “tails” and quietly go in Los Angeles, new York film Academy for a two-month training. But he came and messed things up! After the first meeting I went as blissful, understood nothing, even the Navigator to include did not work. Maybe it’s right? Because the woman – a weak creature, it needs to inspire, to create, and not to solve a bunch of problems, performing masculine tasks. While I “kareela”, doing just that. From each trip he returned a woman, which is maybe a hut in the Amazon to build, and game to catch, and even a bear to shoot. Now understand: I like being weak. Strong need to stay at work. But it is difficult to switch from one to another.

The Academy went, because he decided to expand the field of activity. Want TV to stay, and new skills to acquire. My specialty is called film making. Learn to install, remove, and upon completion of the course you need to make your own movie. I hope we have time and on a new clip to work. The equipment is professional, very expensive, you can not lose this chance.

Регина Тодоренко впервые об уходе из «Орла и Решки» и романе с Владом ТопаловымAbroad do not live in a Dorm, not like a typical newcomer student. Wander the numerous friends, especially since they moved to Los Angeles and know the city well. I’ve always wanted to have a certificate of this University! But to dedicate the school year to obtain a master’s degree, it was not possible. First, the pleasure is worth more than 30 thousand dollars. Second, not ready to fall out of twelve months from the normal rhythm of life. Especially now, when so many proposals goes – and a movie star in the lead role, and to play to play, and even their own show to create…
Регина Тодоренко впервые об уходе из «Орла и Решки» и романе с Владом Топаловым

So I chose an intensive course. It is designed for two months with a break of one and a half weeks, so before Christmas time to visit family. The pilot episode already filmed. The working title of my comic show “Friday with Regina Todorenko”. Everything happens in the Studio, under-equipped flat. I invite the guests returned from traveling artists, singers, actors and other talented people. We discussed their trip, sing, dance accompanied by the ballet of Lena Chilly, in short, arranged spectacle. I am glad that they can Express themselves as they please. That’s what I need! Always wanted to be a performer and Creator.

By the way, last year was my theatrical debut, thanks to which I gained for my beloved man. The Director of the play “Founded wife in the pawn shop” Sergey Rost approved us with Vlad Topalov in the lead roles. I was so happy when I received the offer. But didn’t know how it would change my life. What can I say? Don’t be afraid to expand the boundaries! Learn a new step on the throat of the fears, move forward. And, of course, fall in love!”