Регина Тодоренко раскрыла секрет борьбы с целлюлитом
The host of the TV program “heads and tails” worried about your figure.

Регина Тодоренко раскрыла секрет борьбы с целлюлитом

Regina Todorenko

Photo: photo from personal archive of Regina Todorenko

Regina todorenko, which is already half a year travelling the world, spoke about how she manages to keep in shape.

“Frankly, I’m
it begins to seem that because of the improper diet, I slowly swim fat
in any case, on the screen where the camera to my 50 pounds added
five-six, — said the TV star. — Between filming we have almost no time to rest and restaurants
have quick to satisfy the hunger of fast food: fried potatoes, sandwiches.
Well, at work I walk 15 kilometers and
more. So you can eat what you want…”

Even Todorenko, wherever she went, always trying to find time to exercise.

“After each
eaten sandwich I twice do yoga and dance, ” continues Regina. — Once or twice a
us with the guys from the crew manages to carve out an hour in gym
space and exercise: they help me with dumbbells, and I teach them yoga. I
do not profess the philosophy of yoga — just doing the exercises themselves. There’s another practice that I like, sing Shen
Juan, this is akin to tai Chi — methods of development of the joints. In Taiwan it is practiced
grandparents. They are very strange and funny dance but in the end, 80 years
look 40! A closer look at their practice, I realized: Yes, in any
age can look decent”.

The presenter compared the specialists from different countries in the field of beauty, and came to the conclusion that she’s terrible luck.

“I must say that your
personal masseur, I think the best. It using suction cups
does real miracles! For example, tightens the muscles. And, I imagine, removes cellulite! So it can be called a true mage. As for the other Spa treatments,
in the first place in my top — Chinese acupressure and acupuncture”.

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Regina Todorenko

Photo: photo from personal archive of Regina Todorenko)

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