Regina todorenko can’t get married

Регина Тодоренко не может выйти замуж From the TV presenter can’t create a family. The star of the show “heads and Tails” are not yet ready to devote themselves to the education of children. Regina is of the opinion that, if she’ll tie the knot, it will not affect her career.

      Host of the show “heads and Tails” Regina todorenko always achieves its goals. As she admitted, four years ago, she wished for his birthday to travel a lot. This wish has come true: Todorenko went around the world together with colleagues on the project. 26-year-old star believes that all of her dreams will also come true.

      However, the majority of Regina’s aspirations associated with the job. The presenter notes that in personal life she doesn’t have much time, so she can’t even get married. By the way, recently it became known that Todorenko has a young man, Nikita tracin. Regina todorenko declassified beloved man

      Presenter admits that even made wishes related to the wedding. “Nothing. Maybe I wanted it too much. But in any case, if you marry, give birth, that doesn’t mean I won’t work,” said the star of “the eagle and Tails”.

      Todorenko does not believe that family life will interfere with her doing things you love. According to Regina, she loves not to stand still, to constantly evolve, learn something new. “I always wondered why the word “settling” often associated with the need to have a family, children and not work? The family never interferes with my career plans,” admitted the leader. The girl believes that in the future when she will have children, they will be as enthusiastic as she is.

      Regina todorenko loves the surprises that life brings her. Her motto is: “Better to regret what you did than about what you’ve done.” She never gave up when she refused. When she went to audition for the program “heads and Tails”, she didn’t even believe that it will take, but took a chance. According to Regina, if to steel himself, there definitely will succeed.

      “I try to do what I really want. Sitting still is not for me. We just recently returned from a world tour, and I have already planned a lot of places I will go soon. Although who knows how my life was gonna turn. I may be getting married in a couple of weeks,” said Todorenko in an interview “”.