Regina todorenko apologized to the boss

Регина Тодоренко извинилась перед начальством
The TV presenter was justified after the financial scandal around the “eagle and Tails”.

Regina Todorenko

Photo: Personal archive Regina Todorenko

The star of the show “heads and Tails” Regina todorenko publicly justified
after the scandal that erupted the day before. The management of the TV channel “Friday!”
announced that TV presenter threatened with a severe penalty and may
dismissal. The reason was the interview of Regina, which is “declassified” budget
each program, noting that viewers are misled unlimited
limit “gold card”, as each transfer is removed in the conditions of tough
limited budget.

The next day Todorenko published response

“Guys, how many people, so many opinions. Each of
we make mistakes, to think through, out of context, especially
for the media. I am not the producer of the project and do not know how to form
budgets, said Regina. In my hands the gold card, which gives me
a huge opportunity. Even the presenters don’t know how much her money.
Recently in Novosibirsk, I was interviewed about how our gold
card, that is a symbol of wealth, and those people that have it, can afford
absolutely EVERYTHING! In some, again, in some cases, do
there are times when you have to quickly shoot in hotels or restaurants
because one day we need to be in 10 places at once. We just
physically do not have time to live in cool rooms, and the like, but the timing of filming
overly compressed. We have just one weekend”.

Regina said that as the “face” of the project “eagle
and Tails”, it never “wears a crown” and feels part of the team.

“Our great team creates the magic and I
proud to be a part of this team. But all the organizational issues I
can not know and can only imagine how our hardworking producers looking for
interesting locations, fun and on what terms to negotiate, said
Todorenko. — I apologize to the whole team #Orisirisi,
channel FRIDAY to channel INTER for what misinformed fans.”