Регина Тодоренко и Влад Топалов раскрыли подробности совместного отпуска The star couple enjoyed each other’s company in London. It was there that Regina todorenko celebrated birthday in the company of Vlad Topalov. TV presenter and singer not only visited the sights of the British capital, but also went to several music concerts.
Регина Тодоренко и Влад Топалов раскрыли подробности совместного отпуска

About the novel Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov was rumored for a long time. The stars worked together in the theatre, and then held one of the editions of the program “heads and tails”. Then fans of the program noted that the sparks between them fly.

However, the artists prefer to remain silent for several months. A couple of weeks ago they officially confirmed their romance, going to journey together to London. Now Regina has posted another vlog on a joint adventure with Vlad in the British capital.

It is in London, Todorenko said 28th birthday. Topalov was quick to congratulate the girl directly during recording vloga.

“Happy birthday. You joy, happiness, darling. Be the most happy, healthy, beautiful most desirable” — happily said Vlad, touching and kissing a friend.
Регина Тодоренко и Влад Топалов раскрыли подробности совместного отпуска

For several days the star couple walking around town, visiting local attractions. They visited the museums, the famous Ferris wheel “London eye” and the residence of Queen Elizabeth II.

Many fans noted that next to Topalov Regina looks incredibly happy. The girl does not get tired to admire the sense of humor of the beloved and his care.

“My friend Vlad is now on stage, and I miss him! And you have found a friend for life?” – Regina previously wrote on Instagram.

And let the presenter prefers not to share the details of the relationship with Topalov, fans believe that it is already coming to the wedding. Moreover, the Network regularly discuss what Todorenko pregnant 32-year-old lover, but still cleverly hide the interesting position.

The girl herself is not yet spread on the relationship status with the singer. Fans believe that the love of music brought together the stars. At least, during a visit to London, they visited two concerts of world celebrities, ed Sheeran, and before that, lit at a beyoncé concert.

Apparently, Regina was left in complete awe of how her day of birth. Now she is engaged in the development of several projects, and Topalov support throughout beloved, do not forget to devote time and your creativity.