Regina todorenko almost drowned in Bali

Регина Тодоренко чуть не утонула на Бали
Host of “heads and tails” admitted that this has happened to her twice when she was surfing.

Regina Todorenko

Photo: Oleg Avilov

Fashionable sport Regina decided to do about a year ago.
And like many stars went to learn surfing in Bali. Having mastered the basic techniques on
the shore and shallow waters, the presenter decided
it is ready to test his depth. It was there that she had to experience the strongest stress. “I love that surfing involves all groups
muscle: pumped arms, legs, butt, back. But it turned out that most need to connect the brain! Immediately to the elements, and it is necessary to accept and live with
her in harmony because the ocean can begin the stampede to the bottom. So I have a couple
times almost drowned!” — admitted Todorenko. She had to learn to paddle faster
than waves, and they are told Regina coaches, able to rush with a speed of 50-70 kilometers
in the hour!

Another important skill surfer
— to keep the balance before the wave will still catch you and turn them over
the Board will wash away in the water. “A very vital sport! Doing it, you have to be at odds
head, body, and soul. Water gushes from you, hurt you choke, but still
climb the wave, because it’s a thrill and adrenaline when you
roll on a wave at least 30 seconds”, said Regina.

After another
training the presenter feels hungry, before calmly ate to
blade. Now she prefers to go to bed. Because it’s better to catch
to rest until five in the morning when you need to get up to catch a good wave.

By the way, a new hobby has helped the presenter to not only tighten the muscles, but to lose a few pounds. Detail
about this and other beauty secrets Regina Todorenko, please click here.