Регина Тодоренко допускает измену любимого The presenter does not exclude that her choice would ever be interested in another. Regina todorenko understands the needs of the young person. Due to her constant traveling around the world she sees the beloved not as often as they both would like.

      Host of “heads and tails” Regina todorenko as little as possible to talk about his personal life. Despite the fact that it is now in a relationship with a young man, it still seeks to present the elect to the General public. Todorenko have to constantly spend time traveling to different countries for filming. She understands that these are some of the difficulties in the relationship. Moreover, it makes allowances for the age of his choice – he’s a few years younger than Regina.

      “I am aware that at his age, have more sex, girls and fun, and he can’t afford it, because he is love and a man like me, for whom all the time you need to run leaps and bounds to catch up and not lose underwear. But I would not like to see my house lived divan cat. So my man works on himself, doing everything not to be like immature 22-year-old boys, who play on the PlayStation,” – says TV presenter.

      Because of the constant travel to Regina not so often seen with the beloved, and therefore does not exclude adultery.

      “I admit such a scenario. Men are polygamous…” – confessed celebrity.

      In late February of this year, “StarHit” declassified chosen Todorenko. It was the 23-year-old entertainer and producer Nikita tracin. As told friends of the couple, the young people met at University in Kiev. Despite the fact that Regina and Nikita studying in different courses, it did not prevent them to quickly find a common language.

      The star of “the eagle and tails” Regina todorenko hides beloved showman

      “They see him two or three times a month, – told “StarHit” friend Todorenko Anastasia Samarina. – Nikita understands everything: he knows that it was her dream, so to travel the world. Of course, before that they went through a lot: beatings, insults… Nikita was jealous of her, made a scene, tried to control. To create a family they are not planning – both want to stand firmly on your feet.”

      Despite the fact that Todorenko is going to travel the world, the chosen star will try to fly to his beloved to give you a little time to be alone. “He will surely come to me in the world, we agreed,” Regina admitted in an interview with Viva.

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