Регина Дубовицкая прояснила слухи о вражде с Шифриным и Хазановым December 31, the famous TV presenter will celebrate her birthday: she turns 69. On the eve of important dates Regina Dubovitskaya has shared with journalists plans and shed light on conflicts with colleagues in the comic shop.
Регина Дубовицкая прояснила слухи о вражде с Шифриным и Хазановым

This year the program “full House” celebrated the anniversary – she was 30 years old. At different times in the transfer and the survivor were many famous comedians. However, for a long time in the TV show do not appear Efim Shifrin and Gennady Khazanov. A few years ago, the actor even pleaded with the cultural Foundation “Artes”, dedicated to the production of the project. Rumor has it that Shifrin and Khazanov severed relations with the “Sold out” and try not to communicate with his leading Regina Dubovitskaya. A celebrity gave an interview in which he shed light on the speculation of the public.

“Fima personally, I have no, I was at his 60-year anniversary last year and would love to get it back to “full House”, but he’s busy with theater. And Gennady Khazanov spoke last time in my program in 1990, I always have a green light for those artists who are liked by the audience. I don’t choose to air those, who are personally nice to me. Well, many who are fueling these conflicts, is haunted by the popularity of “full House”. 30 years on Russian television – record time,” shared Regina Igorevna.
Регина Дубовицкая прояснила слухи о вражде с Шифриным и Хазановым

According to Dubovitskaya, she has no regrets. The presenter stressed that the domestic stage on three quarters consists of “anshlagovtsami”. Despite high ratings, in the future, the program will change the format. What innovations are waiting for a Comedy show, Regina I. prefers not to speak.

Commenting on competition with younger artists, Dubovitskaya said that “full House” works with them in different genres. “I have pop, and they have more restaurant style, not in the bad sense of the word,” said the leader. According to Regina I., not every resident of Comedy Club able to hold a solo concert and a few hours to keep the audience’s attention. However Dubovitskaya does not deny that among the stars of another generation full of talents. By the way, before she liked “Ural dumplings”, but one of the recent speeches of the creative Association was disappointed with celebrity.

2017 remember Dubovitskaya not only because of the anniversary of the beloved program. This year also saw the sad events that shook the media personality. Was not Mikhail Zadornov, satirist died after a long battle with cancer. Christmas in the air “Sold out”, which will show on January 13, will movies in memory of the comedian, writes Sobesednik.ru.