Refoam: professional floor insulation at a minimum price

Refoam: профессиональная изоляция пола по минимальной цене

The substrate under the flooring is a crucial element in the design of the floor. Invisible in the interior, it provides the durability and high aesthetic characteristics of laminate or parquet, determines the size of the heating costs, and the level of comfort and environmental safety of the entire premises. Therefore, the choice of material should be approached with the utmost responsibility.

Problems of the usual materials

The substrate cork does not emit harmful substances, permanently retain their shape, but pose a serious burden on the budget. In addition, the cork crumbles if not a neat installation, thereby increasing either the consumption of expensive material or time on the work.

The substrate of the unsewn foam affordable and easy to install, but over time become compressed, creating variations in height. This leads to fracture of the tool joint and cracking of the floor covering.

Effective and aesthetic solution from the Refoam

Innovative substrate under the laminate and parquet Refoam combines the advantages of natural and synthetic material, removing the problem of choosing between quality and price.
Professional Refoam insulation is made from chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam cross-linked elastic structures and consists of tightly against the other bubbles, so:

  • maintains a uniform thickness over the entire area of the premises and recovers shape even under heavy furniture;
  • eliminates deformation of the tool joint and of the flooring;
  • provides reliable thermal insulation and waterproofing of the floor;
  • protects laminate, parquet and massive Board from the influence of aggressive environment of the screed;
  • conveniently and quickly mounted even in the absence of experience and special tools;
  • meets the highest standards of environmental safety.

At the sound characteristics of professional floor insulation is superior to Refoam and tube, and conventional synthetic materials: absorbing the airborne and impact noise up to 21 decibels, it creates absolute acoustic comfort in the room.

At the same underlay for laminate Refoam retain the affordable price and effectively used on large commercial buildings, and for private construction works, both in apartments and country houses, and offices.

The range of professional isolation Refoam

To ensure a comfortable, reliable and durable floor construction in all areas of production Refoam is available in several types:

  • reflective insulation: a versatile thickness of 5 mm and 8 mm and specialized under floor heating in the thickness of 2 mm;
  • classic Refoam the substrate under the laminate and parquet flooring with a thickness of 2 mm and a screed thickness of 5, 8, 10 mm.

Wholesale and retail sale of substrates

Sales of large parties and cooperation with trading companies engaged in the manufacturer and retail customers, professional isolation Refoam available in stores Ulmart, Ravta, Vimos, STD “Petrovich”, 220-Volt “House of Wallpaper” (Severodvinsk).