Риз Уизерспун вызвали в суд из-за бывшего мужа

The star of the film “Big little lies” and Hollywood’s “legally blonde” Reese Witherspoon subpoenaed to testify in the matter of her ex-husband, actor Ryan Phillippe.

For almost ten years, Reese Witherspoon has been married to his colleague, the American actor Ryan Philippe. From this marriage in celebrities two children – grown copy of mom Ava Elizabeth and son deacon Reese.

After parting ways Ryan had a few relationships, “loud” were the relations with the model of “Playboy” magazine Elsie Hewitt. Two years ago, ex-girlfriend men publicly accused him of a brutal assault and sued for domestic violence and intentional infliction of emotional distress, demanding to pay one million dollars compensation. According to Elsie, once “beloved” kicked it, causing it to fell down the stairs, and he has repeatedly raised her hand.

“When Hewitt tried again to get up and crawl up the stairs, Philip grabbed her, hit, cornered and repeatedly kicked his feet,” reads the lawsuit filed by the violence. The statement Elsie put a lot of photos taken that day by the police, because as soon as she was able to reach the phone, a model called “cops”. Those captured numerous bruises and abrasions on her body, which is a direct proof.

Ryan denies the charges. To testify, his ex-wife Reese Witherspoon — has been subpoenaed. According to the newspaper the Blast, October 15, the actress will appear as a witness in court, where will have to answer a series of questions about the attack on Hewitt. Also the actress can specifically ask about the period when they are with ex-spouse were married.

“They divorced, but maintained good relations and together are raising children. The nature of their marriage and the circumstances of his termination, can be used in this trial solely for the purpose”, – said in a court statement.

We will add that two years ago Ryan Phillippe “laid eyes” singer Katy Perry. Meeting of stars was held on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Elton John. First, the stars were sitting at different tables, and later Ryan moved to the singer, and the rest of the evening they spent together.

“They laughed and had fun, and at some point Ryan put his hand on her knee, Katie was not against it. Then the actor departed for a while, and on his return was to seek attention more insistently,” he told the informant, who observed the convergence of celebrities.

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