Reese Witherspoon showed the grown beautiful daughter

Риз Уизерспун показала подросшую красавицу-дочку
Ava acknowledged Queen of the ball in Paris.

Reese Witherspoon with daughter Ava


Reese Witherspoon hides
proud: her daughter Ava from her first marriage of the actress with Ryan Phillipe —
unanimously recognized as the most beautiful girl at the debutante Ball in Paris.

Ava, arrived in France with
your mom was gorgeous in a sparkling gold dress from Giambattista Valli.
The daughter of a 41-year-old actress had a lot of honor – she not only was among the 20
beauties selected to participate in
the event, the ABA has entrusted the right to dance the first waltz, which
started ball.

Incidentally, the partner in this
dance Ave received very simple. They turned out to be a real Indian Prince
the son of the Maharajah of Jaipur — Padmanabh Singh, who’s pals with Prince William. Ava and her cavalier gracefully
was prevalirovanie the music from the musical “La La Land”.

The guests of the ball have noticed that Ava is remarkably similar to his mother. The girl just turned 18
years, and Reese touching congratulated her with birthday. “Your beauty, intelligence and
sense of humor never cease to amaze me. I love you and I think that
I was very lucky to be your mother…” wrote Reese.

This event is held in Paris every year
starting with the 1992 year. In past years it was attended by the children of other
celebrities. So, on the ball shone with Sophia, the daughter of Sylvester Stallone, Ella
Beatty, whose parents are Warren Beatty and
Annette Bening, two of the three daughters Bruce
Willis and demi Moore — Tallulah and Scout, Francesca
Eastwood, who was accompanied by her father, Clint…