Reese Witherspoon: “My daughter Ava is much cooler than I”

Риз Уизерспун: «Моя дочь Ава намного круче, чем я»

Recently Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon visited Tiffany & Co. 2016 Blue Book Event in new York, where she caught the journalists. In an interview with the celebrity spoke about his sixteen-year-old daughter ava, who vysvetlilas hair to platinum blond before going to the music festival Coachella, and became even more like her mother.

Риз Уизерспун: «Моя дочь Ава намного круче, чем я»
“She’s much cooler than I am. She’s such a fashionista! She has a great sense of style, and it’s amazing!” — boasted Reese and added that she often consults with his little copy about what to wear with it.
In addition to Witherspoon ava brings twelve-year-old son deacon and three years of Tennessee. The actress admitted that often forced to leave home and feels guilty.actress husband Jim Toth Reese helps a lot, and she is happy to be in their family – two of Liberia.

“I like the fact that he and I are heads of our family. While we share all the responsibilities and difficulties. I was lucky next to me the man I love and who respects me” said Reese.
Tennessee, son of Reese and Jinja, is now learning to read, and Witherspoon thrilled, as the older children help him in this.
“He’s learning to read, and my older kids taught him that. We’re in the habit, and I also cherish the same memories from my childhood” — said the actress.

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