Reese Witherspoon announces her divorce from Jim Toth and Emily Ratajkowski loved it And it all started so well .

Reese Witherspoon Announces Divorce From Jim Toth And Emily Ratajkowski Loved It For many years, Reese Witherspoon assured journalists that she was very lucky that she met Jim.

It all started after Reese divorced her first husband Ryan Phillippe and was not in the best shape, both creatively and emotionally. But now, at one of the parties with friends, next to her was a tipsy man who behaved overly emotionally, shouted something and looked like a complete idiot. Now, it wasn't Jim Toth. But Jim was also there, and noticing that the man was annoying Reese, he approached her and apologized for his behavior. Then they started talking, and so that the guest would not get bored, Jim began to look after her. So everything turned around.

Reese Witherspoon Announces Divorce From Jim Toth And Emily Ratajkowski Loved It

True, Witherpoon was very worried about how Jim would accept her children from her first marriage and how the children would meet him. But, as it turned out, the excitement was in vain, and they quickly became friends.

Well, a year after they met on March 26, 2011, actress Reese Witherspoon married agent Jim Toth, and on September 27, 2012 she gave birth to her third child, Tennessee's son James Toth.

Thanks to Jim, Reese took up producing and as a result, the world saw two sensational series “Big Little Lies” and “The Morning Show”. More recently, congratulating Jim on his birthday, she wrote on her page on the social network: “Happy anniversary to my wonderful husband who supports me every day! There are many more adventures ahead of us! I love you!”. />

But that was then, and now completely different words appeared there, which announced that she and Jim were breaking up without scandals, remained friends and continued to raise their 11-year-old son together.

Remarkably, Emily Ratajkowski liked it. Has her eye on Jim Toth, or is the topic of divorce so close to her?

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