«Красная Шапочка» Аманда Сейфрид увела жениха из семьи
The actress met her husband when he was still married.

«Красная Шапочка» Аманда Сейфрид увела жениха из семьи

Amanda Seyfried and Thomas of Sadoski

Photo: Legion-media

As you know, on someone else’s misfortune happiness can not be built. No sooner had the fans to be happy for Amanda Seyfried, learning about her engagement with actor Thomas’s Sadoski, as it turned out that the bride began Dating actress even as a legal spouse, that is, before the divorce with his wife. Maybe the star of Mamma Mia! did not know about the status of the boyfriend? Or he hastened to inform her that we have happily divorced? One way or another, but Amanda continues to wear on her finger the engagement ring.

It is a modest gold ring without the diamond, and more like a wedding than on a traditionally rich, sparkling rings, stars who get when you make an offer hands and hearts, and gave the 30-year-old Amanda, is head. Shy Seyfried went for a traditional walk with his beloved dog Finn and then that guard her, the paparazzi managed to spot the ring on the finger of the actress. More recently, Amanda has claimed that the dog was her only friend, and she is not sure she will be able to find happiness in his personal life, and her right man.

She was sad after breaking up with actor Justin lang, who was married and who had lived together for several years. Among former Boyfriends beauty are actors Josh Hartnett, Alexander Skarsgard and Dominic Cooper.

«Красная Шапочка» Аманда Сейфрид увела жениха из семьи

Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper

Amanda Seyfried and Justin lang

However, a year ago Amanda met Thomas Sadoski — they played together in a theatrical performance. A little later, fate brought them together again in the film. When they began their “office romance” is unknown, but by the time the meeting Thomas was still officially married. The actress said she is not planning a big wedding and will never wear the white dress. Too many times in the movie, she played brides. A modest ring, a small wedding, not too famous groom — maybe this is the key to happiness? Even if the future husband has already unlike bride to live in marriage for eight years…