Red carpet: stars in Cannes with a dirty head

Красная дорожка: звезды в Каннах с грязной головой

On the red carpet of the 69th Cannes film festival stars show luxuriant dresses, luxurious jewelry and the skill of the stylists. But some allow themselves to relax and to appear in public with dirty hair.

How much time and effort goes with celebrities while preparing for the red carpet. Hair and makeup make it impossible to sleep, and it’s also the job is to be a star and Shine under the glitter of the spotlight.

At some point they give up and allow themselves to come to the track, for example, a dirty head!

As we know the feeling of thinking: to set the alarm clock early to wash my hair or sleep an extra half hour?

We, for example, was surprised when he found out that Kardashian washes her hair every five days!

Each day Kim has a schedule of haircuts: “the First day – my stylist makes the lush fleece, the second day – most often we choose the images of sloppy, third – in hair apply a little oil smoothes and irons. On the fourth day I do a pony tail, and on my fifth”.

Star loves makeup and styling, unlike her friends, who can sometimes not afford to do her hair and go without makeup. Imagine how much time it saves?

And last year Jennifer aniston came on the carpet with dirty hair.

No one would have guessed, but celebrity stylist and a close friend of aniston Chris McMillan, who that night created the image of the actress, admitted Western publication that hairstyle was created at the expense of dirty hair.

“It’s just not washed your hair for two days! At first we thought to make a classic styling Jennifer – flowing hair, but she at the last moment chose another dress, and we have changed the way. It’s been two days after washing, and the curls have become more manageable. I gathered them into a bundle. That’s the whole secret of installation,” – admitted in an interview with Chris.

Therefore, as experience shows, to appear with dirty hair on the red carpet is not a mess!

Do you often head wash?

  • Every day my hair
  • Every two, three days. While looks can
  • Now sit with the “bun”. Did not have time to wash my hair in the morning
  • Now such a fashion that even messy hair can pass for fashionable styling

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