Recognition? Yulia Peresild commented on the paternity of Alexei Uchitel

Признание? Юлия Пересильд прокомментировала отцовство Алексея Учителя
The actress answered the question, for many years interested in her fans.

Yulia Peresild

Photo: Philip Goncharov

It is known that the more actively star person trying to hide from prying eyes your personal life, the faster breed rumors about their often non-existent novels. Yulia Peresild knows this firsthand. Once in a while she is credited with the most high-profile novels. The actress maintained a principled position — do not tell the audience anything about her relationships with men. And, despite this, many of her interview will come across the question, who is the father of her two daughters: Anne and Mary?

Recently Julia had to comment attributed to her relationship with a famous Director. “The father of my children – Alexey Uchitel. In line at the store must have seen. I really don’t know when and in what store. But sometimes I stand in queues, Yes. I do mistress. Stocks are doing. I’m a Rat horoscope. Cereal stock up and everything is not spoiled. In my house you can find what you want… And of course, Alex is a good father who cares about the daughters. I really hate to talk about my personal life.

Sometimes colleagues get married, get married and then spread it all on the cover. And if people close to me, I think, “aw, mommy! Why did you do it?” — quotes Peresild Marie Claire.

We will remind that quite recently Yulia was suspected affair with Roman Abramovich. These rumors the actress also stopped in the Bud. “In General, it’s not the first time, in this sense, I Experienced! — wrote Peresild in his personal blog. — Again romance… I’m surprised myself what I am romantic! Like all the time? But I am personally proud of itself: who can boast of such smart and talented company? Go to bed, satisfied that all is rare. Thank you for believing in me!”