Recently married a young Spanish woman Richard Gere appealed to the court

Недавно женившийся на молодой испанке Ричард Гир обратился в суд
The actor wants to bring to justice ransomware.

Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva

Richard Gere declared that he had illegally extorted
half a million dollars. And although the actor, many years practicing Buddhism, well-known peace-loving character, he called the offenders to account in court.

As told 68-year-old actor, it all started with the fact that he
decided to film an interesting book “Bones of the master: a Buddhist
a monk in search of the lost heart of China” by George crane. Geer concluded
agreement with the production company, headed by Anne and Scott Elias. They
agreed that the actor will become a Director and will play a major role, and Ann will create
the script that will be approved by all parties to the agreement.

Partners were supposed to buy the author of a work the right to
the adaptation of the book for 35 thousand dollars, and each of the parties was going to make half
amount. As a result, the gear paid the full amount, while the partners have not spent a dime of it. Besides, Elias wrote the script, as
which absolutely did not suit the actor, and remodel work flatly
refused. In response, Richard said that Ann and
Scott lost the right to participate in the project, as it violated the contract. However, his would-be partners in response
reported that, in this case, it needs them … 500 thousand dollars! The same amount they demanded that Gere in exchange for a waiver of his rights. The indignant artist called the actions of Elias extortion and appealed to the court.

This story is rather spoiled the mood Gere,
that arrived in a state of euphoria after the recent marriage to his 35-year-old
friend the Spaniard Alejandra Silva. Recall: she became the third wife
actor. The first wife of Gere was Cindy Crawford, with whom he lived for 4 years. Second
– Carey Lowell. Marriage with her was more long — 14 years, and Carey gave birth to it
time gear his only son Homer.