Recently gave birth to a participant “Voice” Nicole Knaus dramatically lost weight

Недавно родившая участница «Голоса» Николь Кнаус резко сбросила вес The singer managed to get rid of 10 pounds. Already three weeks after the birth of her second child, she returned to their normal form. Soon Nicole Knaus will continue to work in the high-profile project.

      Participant of the TV project “the Voice” Nicole Knaus is determined to win. Three weeks after discharge from the hospital – September 15 she became a mother for the second time, the young singer has returned to their normal form.

      “I do not keep track of your weight on the scales every day, but 10 pounds are gone for sure, – has shared with “StarHit” Nicole. And gained during pregnancy, I’m only 13 pounds. All the things that I went to childbirth, I’m fit! Friends and acquaintances say that the difference is clear.”

      A boy named Daniel came into the world in between filming. To recuperate the organizers gave Knaus for a few weeks. The second phase of the project will begin in November.

      “There are no special diets I do not adhere. Excluded from the diet foods that can cause allergic son or bloating, continued the young mother. -Fed Daniel’s chest”.

      Spouse of the singer, the musician Antonio Reoli, is trying to help his wife with a newborn. “Danielle is still too young to take with me to the Playground. So when I need somewhere for a couple of hours to leave the husband without any problems covering my shift. Besides, we have a babysitter and grandma.”

      With his American grandfather little Daniel to meet you haven’t yet. But as admitted Knaus, it is possible that after completion of the project “the Voice” family will move to live in America. “Before my father often flew to Russia for work, but recently the need was not in it. To come to see the grandson, he needs to go through the paperwork for a visa. So, where anyone go faster – it’s to us or we to him, is unknown. Before the end of competition definitely will be in Moscow, take a two-bedroom apartment.”

      Recall, contestant on “the Voice” Nicole Knaus passed the blind auditions on the ninth month of pregnancy. Her mentor Leonid Agutin and teammates arranged a surprise and met the singer with the baby from the hospital.