Недавно родившей жене Алека Болдуина поставили серьезный диагноз
An unexpected turn of events marred the joy of their child.

Недавно родившей жене Алека Болдуина поставили серьезный диагноз

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin


Hilaria Baldwin, recently gave birth to their fourth child , despite
natural optimism, which is close to a breakdown. Over the past
a few days on her family hit an impossible amount of trouble.

First, it became known that shortly after birth, the wife of Alec Baldwin felt really bad: the doctor who examined her has diagnosed with a serious illness. Soon started to ache and children. “I still can’t get enough of our baby Romeo.
But all is not well — I have found pneumonia, and children fell ill with severe influenza:
Rafa and Leo (Raphael and Leonardo — approx.red) has already come down, and Carmen, and look, coming down with a cold. It is
unusual and strange test, because in our family, rarely get sick. Rapid
a week, to say the least!” — wrote in his microblog wife

“How fortunate that at least Romeo was so
stocky and not sick. But I’m overwhelmed right now: I’m still not fully recovered
after childbirth, I need to feed the baby
Breasts, I again started to have sleepless nights, I have to take care of
sick kids, make tourist visits to the doctor. Not
forget the fact that I myself am still, to put it mildly, not feeling very well…” — admitted Hilary. However, the wife of Alec trying not to faint. “When my
life there comes a difficult moment, I always say to myself, “it’s just now everything is so
situation, but then things would change! The main thing
– not to lose a sense of perspective…” she said his way of dealing with

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin with his son Romeo