Рэбел Уилсон поправилась ради известности

Generally, celebrities want to be slim in order to stay longer at the height of his fame. But Hollywood actress Rebel Wilson admitted that she had gained weight to become more popular and believes the extra pounds to his advantage. She told about it in interview to newspaper The Telegraph.

36-year-old actress, best known for playing Bbw Amy, admitted that he deliberately gained weight early in his career to increase his popularity, and it worked. Though not the first time, because the first test in her life had failed – instead of the Rebel took a girl who was more Wilson, and is convinced the actress that it is necessary to get fat even more.
“Then I thought, why pick her and not me? We are not too different in talent, so it was another – it was preferred because it was thicker. And then I decided that I needed to gain weight – funny fat Chicks love everything” — said the actress.
Have Rebel took six months to become such as it now is, and the role fell to her by the rain. Then many friends and relatives asked Wilson to stop, but she was relentless – even more so that it came to success.
“I saw that my weight was to my advantage at the time, as many perceive it as a disadvantage” — said the artist.

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