Rebel Wilson has won a court

Рэбел Уилсон выиграла суд

Actress Rebel Wilson had won a lawsuit against Bauer Media, owner of several publications, one of which accused the celebrity that she lied about her real age, name, and past. 37-year-old stand-up comedian accused of slander several publications, including Woman’s Day, Woman’s Weekly and New Weekly. Journalists they claimed to actually Rebel over six years, and that all of her stories about childhood – an invention of pure water.

The hearing was held in Melbourne, Australia. During the hearing Rebel has provided his birth certificate, passport, childhood photos and other evidence of the true age. The judge and jury ruled in favor of celebrities.
Immediately after the decision of the court of Rebel came to the reporters and said that now cleared his reputation from the “spot”.
“The reason I’m here is not compensation for moral damage. I’m here to clear my name. And the fact that the jury stood at my side in each of the forty questions proves that I’m telling the truth,” said Wilson.
The amount of satisfaction of the Rebel losses not yet reported, but I assume that we are talking about a figure with six zeros. During the hearing, the actress said that the articles and the scandal of a trial tainted her career. So, the woman refused in the filming of the “Panda Kung Fu 3” because the producers interfered with the train of scandals stretching over the Rebel because of the court. Supposedly it could hurt the box office. For the same reason Wilson refused, the producers of “Trolls” in 2015.
Probably, now the comedian will appear more to stand-up performances.