Really? In the network appeared the news about the closure of “House-2”

Неужели? В сети появились новости о закрытии «Дома-2»

To the delight of fans, it is only the continuation of the project “Dom-2.The island of love”.

“Dom-2″ closed” – the captions in the media. From this news the fans of the project with a 12-year history, almost fainted did not fall, he began to scribble letters to the producers, and depression.

But discouraged early. We are talking about the closure of the continuation of the project “Dom-2. The island of love”. Management considered the second season of the “Island,” which was filmed in the Seychelles, a disastrous and prematurely closed the project.

“A week ago, the organizers of the show issued an ultimatum to the participants of the second season of the show “love Island”: the heroes take an active part in the project and build love, or fly home. The participants promised to fulfill all the requirements, but its not kept (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved. — Approx. ed.)”, – complained at the guys one of the representatives of the TV channel, according to

Participants to keep the intrigue were not. And already unsubscribed in networks that are packing their bags.

“I think for you it is not news. Island of love prematurely closed. Today is the last party, and home tomorrow. I’m a very cool time and I am glad to new acquaintances, – said Oleg Burkhanov.

The press service of the TNT confirmed the news and promised that full details will appear in the next broadcast.