Really desperate?! Jolie decided not to deal with men

Совсем отчаялась?! Джоли решила не иметь дело с мужчинами

The actress said that to hear about them do not want.

Brad pitt may go down in history not only as the ex-husband of Angelina Jolie, but as the last man in her life. Hollywood actress suddenly said that that’s, more she does not want to deal with the representatives of the strong half, tired. And ready to switch… on women.

For Jolie this is not new, in her youth she was like the novels, and they were many. And in the ‘ 90s Angie was smitten with a colleague in the film Foxfire Jenny Shimizu. The actress openly said to the press that they are ready to marry this cute Japanese. But johnny Lee Miller, with whom she had an affair in parallel Jolie persuaded to marry him.

But all these experiments have been left behind. It seemed that with age, the actress began to adhere to more traditional views on relationships. The more she tries to make a career in politics… But no, public opinion, as practice shows, the star does not care.

Friend Jenny Shimizu told reporters that Angelina in conversation with him mentioned that again ready to have an affair with a woman.

“Angelina told Jenny that I was done with men and wants to continue to explore themselves with women”, – said the source portal Radaronline.

And brad pitt, meanwhile, also attributed to new novels. Thank God the old fashioned way – with women. And rumor has it that the actor has fallen in love with the peers, with a name no less loud than Jolie.

Perhaps, a new love has given Hollywood handsome that brad, who initially agreed to transfer custody of the children Jolie, suddenly decided to fight for children. Representatives of pitt has already provided an audio recording made on that fateful night aboard the plane as evidence that the image of the aggressive and uncontrollable father “painted” in court lawyers of his wife.