Сообразим на троих: Водянова снялась у Османнов

For the first time in the lens Murad Osmann appeared someone besides his wife.

Yesterday all the lights of Paris gathered at a charity dinner Love Ball Natalia Vodianova. Of course, the views of the public were glued to the hostess. After all, it’s literally the second her release after the birth – a little over a month ago, on 4 June, the supermodel gave birth to a fifth child.

“How does she do it?” – I want to cry looking at Vodianova. Well, at least one extra gram was visible on the body of the mother of five children! But no, Natalia, it looks like generally never in the hospital not visited. With envy eyes stared at the model all gathered in the evening. And with a smile, she posed for a photographer in tight short red dress.

Before her charm I could not resist Murad Haussmann, the author of popular web traffic Follow me to. Earlier, Murad had removed only his wife Natalia, but for Vodianova decided to make an exception.

Murad Haussmann photographed two Natasha – his wife and Vodianova – on the background of the futuristic building of the Fondation Louis Vuitton, designed by architect Frank Gary, where he held a charity evening in support of the Fund Natalia Vodianova “Naked heart”.

In the foreground, as usual, the hand of Murad, who holds the hand of his wife. She turned to him back. Natalie Haussmann, in turn, holds the hand Vodianova, the model smiles flirtatiously at the camera.

Maybe it’s a new feature Murad Osmann? That is to say, together with his wife they got bored. They have been all around the world and took pictures in the most beautiful corners of the planet. And now he’s going to make a collection of stars? Well, then they can be congratulated with a great start. Natalia Vodianova – the decoration of any collection.

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