Ready Larissa guzeyeva to leave the show “let’s get married”?

Irina Muromtseva has revealed the main secrets of the program.

Irina Muromtseva recently became a it works. The presenter has created its own channel, where it publishes materials that might interest users of social networks. Recently, she filmed a short report about the “inner workings” of the program “let’s get married”. Irina had a short interview with the participants of the TV show and the main go-betweens, who for 10 years in the First channel help lonely people find their happiness.

For starters, Irina personally made sure that invited the bride is a real character and not a hired actress. And then decided to ask the leading, what is the success of the program? “We have a fantastic team! In its tenth year, and we have the main part all the same. What they do is incredible. Editorial work and how they prepares shooting… I do nothing! Because the main is on my awesome colleagues!” — said Larissa.

Rose Sabitova is sure that the success of “let’s get married” was in “nation”. “In principle, all the rankings do not take those programs, which are very beautifully constructed and the characters “vkusnyashka”, namely the simple girls and guys exploring relationships. It’s viewers like it,” she says.

By the way, Muromtseva learned, not bothered whether by leading to work in “let’s get married”? Guzeeva laughs that could and would be glad to change jobs, but fears such a request to contact Konstantin Ernst. “Well, I’ll tell him: “I Want to change. Such a routine…” And he said, “Yes! I already signed you… without pay!” — joked Larisa.