Reaction to the scandal: Volatile thanked the stylist for PR

Реакция на скандал: Летучая поблагодарила стилиста за пиар

Ivan John said that he had saved screenshots of the conversations and audio recordings to prove his innocence.

Fight Fly Helena with his designer Ivan John’s has been discussed for a few days. The presenter stated that the young man is a real con man who cheated her and let during the working processes. Recall that the TV presenter was dedicated to the young man as much as a post on his page in instagram.

But the 22-year-old Ivan has his own truth. The stylist gave Woman’s Day screenshots correspondence with a former boss where she threatens not to give things that were taken for her to rent one of the expensive showrooms of Moscow. Those outfits that the designer took on its name.

“Since I was already dismissed because of those beige tights 100 Den, called to his assistant, Lena to return in time things that I have prepared for filming. On that answer, that all of a sudden took it all home. I then earned the counter in the head, they’re leased, and in my name. I didn’t panic, I thought, well who doesn’t? Probably in the confusion after the shooting, gathered all the stuff together, threw it in the car and drove away.

I asked the attendant to pass on to she definitely brought them in the morning, especially, it was the next day, it will be convenient to capture.

Morning call Jan and ask, well what do I already have things? And the answer: “She forgot”!

Then I realized that everything is done for evil. How can you forget a huge coffer with things! This is two images, two pairs of shoes, not a small band or one dress.

I already called the producer, asked to deal with this story, because the money is going. Things can be stored indefinitely, but then the channel would have to reimburse me for a large sum. When I have written from the store, decided to get in touch with Fly. Wrote her a message that is ready to give her personal number to the store for further proceedings. Lena regarded it as a threat, and poured on me the whole abusive vocabulary, and stated that things will not give up the principle,” admitted Ivan to Woman’s Day. After Lena published your post on instagram who saw the whole thing, and after my response, she thanked me for the PR.”

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John says that he never sought to blacken the name of Elena Flying and always wished her well, even after the dismissal, decided that all is for the best and did not expect scandal for the request to return the item in the showroom.

“I don’t think she wanted to keep those things, she’s an adult, wealthy woman who can afford to buy any thing. At that moment she thought, “I didn’t bring tights, and now raking this”. Harm, that’s all, and assign things she wouldn’t, she’s not a person. But such practices have stars some have. Fellow stylists told time and again how they had brought the things from high-end boutiques, who were forced to give them, if the star really liked the outfit.”

“I was not just work. Can’t even imagine what she thinks about herself, in which level from zero to 100 it probably 115! Infinite – Yes, it is not, although Yes, but it is not. In the end, I hand over things return again, and again pass, change and so on. There’s no end!

I have a sense of purpose that Elena does not look good, but to play Miranda priestly. Remember the character in the movie “the Devil wears Prada”, who asks his assistant to get her a book about Harry Potter, which has not yet gone on sale?

So in my case: “I need a beige wolford tights 100 Den! — Yes, they have! — I need them tomorrow to 12 days”…

And you in this story who no longer believe?

  • Fly. She is not the type of that kind of thing to pour into social media without a good reason
  • Stylist. The stars somehow believe that they are always right, and that everyone will believe them
  • All good, why bother to wash dirty linen in public