Реакция на откровения отца Фриске: Дмитрий Шепелев потерял контроль
Usually reserved broadcaster said the “devastating” publication.

Dmitry Shepelev

Photo: @Instagram dmitryshepelev Dmitry Shepelev

On the eve of the NTV was one of the most controversial issues of the program “the Secret to a million.” The broadcast was devoted to Janna Friske her serious illness, relationship with Dmitry Shepelev and tragic care. Voiced previously unknown details of the life of the singer’s father Vladimir Kopylov.

Warring with Shepelev dad Jeanne put his opponent a real “villain”: the sick Jeanne Dmitry allegedly insulted and humiliated, other people’s money appropriated, over his wife’s family mocked and even a small dog’s legs kicking… it’s no surprise that after such a blow to the reputation of Dmitry for the first time in a long time, lost self-control.

In this he was helped by viewers who had organized the persecution Shepelev after the release of the show on the air. His page in social networks has been enriched with curses and wishes “burn in hell”. Removing a big part of the “wishes” coming out of himself, Dmitry posted a scathing post about the detractors.

“Critics and commentators. All advisers who know exactly how I should live. Clever, who knows how I am obliged to raise my child. Dirty languages. Naive viewers, who are accustomed omnivorous to believe everything indiscriminately. Outraged the guardians of morality. Educators. Asylum. Advisers. All those who know exactly how how was and who is to blame. Haters and thugs! All those who sends the curse and could not restrain his indignation….

All of you I’m sorry. For your anger. For your stupidity. For your gullibility. I have nothing to reproach myself. I have nothing to explain and nothing to justify. My child is happy. I’m happy. Not long live the past, in which you enjoy fumbling. Place your order in their exemplary lives. Until then, calm down, crazy. Take care of yourself and your problems. With the new year. Good to you all!” — wrote Dmitry.

We can assume that after everything that happened, Shepelev will not soon agree to meet Plato with the family of Jeanne. Last Kopylov, by his own admission, saw his grandson in September. Now his hopes of meeting with Plato in the eve of the New year seem slim…