Разлучницы: женщины каких знаков зодиака уводят мужчин из семьи The astrologer Sergei lang made his analysis. Some girls do not see anything wrong to fall in love with those who are already connected with another woman. They are willing to do anything to get their way and split a pair.
Разлучницы: женщины каких знаков зодиака уводят мужчин из семьи

Many women date married men. Some even manage to get their way and turn from mistress to lawful wife. Astrologer, psychologist and parapsychologist Sergei lang believes that much depends on the sign of the zodiac and the influence of the stars will the woman meet with an unfree man or not. Specialist ranked, where he spoke, women of what zodiac signs are often tear families apart.

12 – Virgo

Virgo is extremely rare with married men. Even if they fall in love with the family, most will try to suppress these feelings, but would not break up the family. However, the actress Leann Rimes did not hide his sympathy and stole her husband Eddie Cibrian have another actress, brandi Glanville.

Разлучницы: женщины каких знаков зодиака уводят мужчин из семьи

11 – Aquarius

Aquarius woman is not seeking to withdraw from the family man. She will manipulate and pressure the elect, and will allow him to make a decision. The former wife of Konstantin Meladze Yana Amounts told reporters that in 2007, found out about his infidelity. In its assumptions, it was one of the soloists of group “VIA Gra”. They decided to divorce in 2013, and two years later the producer married to Vera Brezhneva.

10th place – Taurus

The representatives of this zodiac sign have a chick – if she finds out that her man is married, then she will break up with him. Moreover, the liar will suffer the pains of punishment – she’ll find a way to contact his wife and tell her that her husband was unfaithful. However, amber heard was not to use this opportunity to steal johnny Depp from Vanessa Paradis.

Разлучницы: женщины каких знаков зодиака уводят мужчин из семьи

9th place – Capricorn

The woman-Capricorn in this area is rather selfish. She doesn’t want to be a mistress, she needs a husband. So it clearly indicates that he prefers a serious relationship. The long wait for the decision, it will not. Victoria romanet was married to Anton Gusev almost six months after his divorce with Eugenia Feofilaktova.

8th place – Libra

Girls of this zodiac sign will have a crush on a married man and try to bring him to this. But not everyone can withstand such pressure. That is why Libra is in the eighth place, not the first. The desire to withdraw from the family is, that’s just too strong pressing and the results are rare. Fyodor Bondarchuk broke up with his wife Svetlana, and some time later became aware of his affair with Paulina Andreeva. Despite the fact that the couple lived together for 25 years, is not spared from divorce.

Разлучницы: женщины каких знаков зодиака уводят мужчин из семьи

7th place – Fish

Fish quite often with married men. Of course, it doesn’t suit them, but the patience they have more than enough. They are concentrated on how to create a comfortable relationship with her partner and these relationships often fail man to divorce. Actress Elizabeth Taylor stole her husband from his girlfriend. However, after that the singer Eddie Fisher began to crumble careers. Many said that it was a payback for a cheating wife.

Разлучницы: женщины каких знаков зодиака уводят мужчин из семьи

6th place – Sagittarius

If a woman Sagittarius will fall in love with is married, she won’t let him go, she will do anything to get him out of the family! The representatives of this zodiac sign are very insidious and are willing to go to great lengths just to achieve this. Lena Letuchaya was charged that she destroyed the family of her current husband Yuri Anashenkov. However, the TV presenter denied these rumors and assured that the start to build a relationship after the man has divorced.

5th place – Aries

Aries woman is very stubborn and straightforward. She will not hide his feelings and desires, and therefore won’t rest until I break up a family. Even if the man in the end will not stay with her, the calm life she will not give. Busty ex-participant reality show “House-2” Rita Kern admitted that an affair with a married man ended with his divorce. The man wanted to be alone with the girl, but she refused to associate with him his life.

Разлучницы: женщины каких знаков зодиака уводят мужчин из семьи

4th place – Scorpio

If the mistress of your husband’s zodiac sign is Scorpio, then get ready for a major war. She will call you and say how they are all fine, to send a joint photo. It will create such a situation that the poor wife herself left her husband. Scorpios often take the men away from the family. The star of the movie “Think like a man” Gabrielle Union even brought to trial on charges the former wife of Dwayne Wade. Ex-fiancee of basketball player filed a lawsuit that the actress destroyed her family and caused her severe psychological trauma.

Разлучницы: женщины каких знаков зодиака уводят мужчин из семьи

3rd place – Gemini

The twins are convinced that a good man is a married man. It will not torment the conscience, it causes grief to another family. Female-Gemini needs a good husband and she’ll never give up. Anna Kalashnikova was to meet with Prokhorov Chaliapin when he was married to Larisa Kopenkina. But their whirlwind romance didn’t end with the wedding singer was disappointed that the girl son was not born from him.

Разлучницы: женщины каких знаков зодиака уводят мужчин из семьи

2nd place – Leo

Lionesses like competition and they want to get out of the battle victorious. So a married man is their main goal. Lionesses are good lovers and family men often pay attention to them. Those born under this zodiac sign have broken many couples. Jennifer Lopez once worked on vocals from Marc Anthony. But after she was able to achieve success, the musician left his wife and married Lopez. However, four years ago they divorced.

Разлучницы: женщины каких знаков зодиака уводят мужчин из семьи

1st place – Cancer

Cancerians are very insidious. Woman seeking its benefits, she chooses a married and wealthy man, and tries to divert him from his family. She doesn’t need love, money and peace of mind. Kate Gordon has accused the actress Jeanne Epple that she was having an affair with Sergei Garinim. A lawyer and businesswoman didn’t understand how a woman could continue to communicate with the man, who was to be born baby.