Равшана Куркова голодала в юности
The actress thanked a friend for their kindness.

Photo: Instagram

Ravshana Kurkova rarely says anything about his personal life and, especially, about trudnostyah, with whom she had to face. But the other day she wanted to publicly say “thank you” to my friend Tatjana because she so strongly supported her in his student years.

“I want to thank my good friend Tanya for 17 years of friendship, she wrote in a personal blog. — And for the fact that she’s supported me in the lean years of the students. Once paying attention, I stopped eating in the dining room at some point, she started to come to my home and under the guise that we have to deal, brought the soup, then homemade burgers. And so, with a sensitive, attentive and very kind, Tanya rough couple months for me, life has flown by almost unnoticed!”

She doesn’t yet know that the difficult moments in the career of the actress will still abound. Ravshan confessed she was once filming in a difficult situation which could have ended quite differently if not for her strength of character.

Of course, he did not name the man, afford to give her a special “attentions”. Only confidence and courage helped her to avoid serious consequences. “Faced once with a similar attitude – and very clearly, clearly, firmly made it clear that I think this behavior is maximally unethical, unacceptable. In any sense – neither in professional nor in the human. And luckily, despite the fact that it happened during the shooting period, the person pretended that nothing happened, and we went quietly free picture. Neither before nor after me, thank God, is not faced with a similar attitude to yourself!” — said Ravshan.