Ravshana Kurkova: “The most difficult period — a serious test!”

Равшана Куркова: «Этот тяжелейший период — серьезная проверка!»
The actress told how she found it difficult to break into the profession.

Photo: Instagram

Ravshana Kurkova — beautiful model, a talented actress and a good girl. In addition, she is the only daughter of her mother, actress and Director Before Kabaevoj, and favorite niece of the famous film Director Rauf kubayeva. Who would have thought that even with such a bright appearance and such a powerful kinship ties Ravshan will be difficult to break into the world of Russian cinema.

“Everyone has a time when nothing happens — told Kurkova to his fans. 12 years ago I claimed for a single interesting project for me, and I almost despaired of: the type said not that, then too thin, too tall, look younger than the role requires, on the contrary, older, just not going as it should, and did not, as needed. Then, I fell in love with the short film “deadline” Pasha Ruminov at “Kinotavr”, and knew that he launches his first full-length, I decided to try out for one of the roles. But also decided that trying to get a role in “Dead daughters” will last, and if it fails, you have chosen the wrong path, and the universe shows me (as much as I’d like implemented in your favorite business), you need to direct the energy to something else. But, when I got the role of Rita, I realized that “the darkest night is before the dawn” that this is the hardest period for me — a serious test, which helped me once and for all to make sure I made a really conscious choice”.

Since then, ravshana Kurkova starred in more than 30 films, including such popular projects as “Barvikha”, “Love in the big city-2”, “Moms”, “About love” and “About love. Adults only” and many other paintings.