Ravshana Kurkova revealed the secret about sexual harassment

Равшана Куркова открыла тайну о сексуальном домогательстве The actress admitted in an unpleasant incident in her life. Ravshana Kurkova has frankly told about the case when she was faced with an unacceptable attitude. However, the artist was able to adequately get out of the situation and continued to work.
Равшана Куркова открыла тайну о сексуальном домогательстве

In mid-October, dozens of foreign Actresses said that a famous film Director Harvey Weinstein promised them roles in movies in exchange for sex. After that the artist began to remember instances when they are also propositioned. Not exception and popular actress Ravshan Kurkova. She remembered that the shooting of one of the projects she had to face sexual harassment. The actress has admitted that they felt vulnerable. However, she was able to continue working in the same team with this person.

“Faced once with a similar attitude – and very clearly, clearly, firmly made it clear that I think this behavior is maximally unethical, unacceptable. In any sense – neither in professional nor in the human. And luckily, despite the fact that it happened during the shooting period, the person pretended that nothing happened, and we went quietly free picture. Neither before nor after me, thank God, is not faced with a similar attitude,” – said Ravshan.

However, the actress stressed that such cases can face any girl, regardless of profession. In her view, some do not know how to act in such situations and to repulse the offender.

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“I think no one is safe from such a terrorist attack in his side. It’s a scary story. Anyone who encountered this and could not cope, I am deeply sorry for your loss. I think it is very important not to get lost. But I understand that there are different situations, different psychological factors – it is difficult to confront the man who physically and mentally stronger, which can pressure and manipulate. Not all can gather strength and to resist this evil,” – says Kurkova.

Also he told about his position in relation to the high-profile case with Harvey Weinstein. On the portal of The Question, she wrote that perhaps this scandal will be a lesson for many. In her opinion, this story will cool the ardor of those who consider this attitude acceptable. The fall of a Titan: how Harvey Weinstein lost everything after harassment scandal