Равшана Куркова откладывает деньги на ребенка

The actress recently broke up with Ilia state planning Committee Bachurin, strangely, has commented on rumors about his affair with the participant Comedy Woman.

Not the Ravshan Kursovoy luck in the love arena. Unlucky, that’s all.

With her first husband, Simeon Trigger, whose name, the actress wears to this day, the marriage did not last long. Spouses are unable to experience a common grief – the fifth month of pregnancy Ravshan lost the baby.

With the second spouse, Artem Tkachenko, the actress lived for only four years. Kurkova has accused her husband that he has wind in his head that he’s not ready for marriage, doesn’t want kids. But she Ravshan, they say, has long been ripe for motherhood.

Only here the right man Ravshan long time could not find. Almost five years after the second divorce, the actress was alone.

“I can be one, but for me it is not normal,” she later said in an interview with Glamour magazine. “I’m still fresh and heat-loving animal. Though periods in life needs to be different.”

New and happy period in the life Kurkovas began in 2012. Then at the closing of “Kinotavr” she met with the head of “Glavkino” Ilya state planning Committee Bachurin. Ravshan had no doubt that he had met the one, near which feels like a stone wall and who are willing to go through life, have children and die in one day.

Alas, dreams Ravshan again failed to come true. In winter, the couple announced the breakup. Of course fans of the actress were not in a hurry to put an end to this story. So, where were we all know. And all were looking forward to a reunion of the pair.

However, recently there were rumors that Ilya Bachurin meets with the participant Comedy Woman Nadezhda Sysoeva (read more HERE). Of course, Kursovoy the questions know if she thinks about it. And she answered concisely and simply, but unprintable.

Most fans believe that the obscene scene from the movie “American horror story” addressed to a former lover. Because, according to the actress, after a breakup it is always a little hate of their ex.

“If I wanted then to have this person dead? Wanted. I was hurt? Was. But if you ask me, I’d like to these experiences was not – no, would not – openly admitted Ravshan in the same interview. — Thanks to them I became thinner, more sensitive, deeper. Would not wish anyone such pain, but I at that moment it was necessary to understand many things. I do believe that suffering is ennobling”.

I think he already resigned from his female shares and does not expect gifts from fate in the form of a perfect man. Even the question of motherhood it has long been decided. Six years ago, long before the meeting with the state planning Committee Bachurin, the question on Bank accounts, she replied: “I think it’s time to start saving. What? On the same child, – quotes the actress dni.ru. — Something tells me that this “project” I have to rely only on itself.

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